He Is Our Need Shrinker

Not only is God our Father, but He is “Our Father who is in heaven.” This seems so obvious. Of course, He is in heaven! Why would Jesus have us pray this way? Perhaps because He wants to remind us that even as heaven is so much bigger than earth, so is The Father so much bigger than anything on earth! God is the need-shrinker.

There is a verse in the Psalm 73 which says, “Whom have I in heaven but you and on earth there is none beside you.”

The Psalmist came to know that since God is the greatest in heaven, how much more is He all-consuming on earth: there is none beside you! To say that God is in heaven is to say that He is so all-consuming that we need not fear any power on earth… We need not fear the future, we need not fear peoples’ opinions, we need not fear that other people will control us, we need not fear failure… Suddenly we realize that God is very big!

When we say, “God you are in heaven“, we are saying, “God you are bigger than any possible thing on earth! What should I be afraid of?” 

To say that God is in heaven is to welcome the freedom to truly live in the present. I don’t think we know just how marvelous it is to live in the moment. To acknowledge that God is in heaven is to acknowledge that there is always something greater than your company, your job, your future, or even your purpose.

When we can say with conviction, “Whom have I in heaven but you” it will be because we have already been convinced that “on earth there is none beside you.”

Since He is the God of heaven, He is the God over your every need! Nothing is outside the scope of His love, wisdom, and power!