He Is Our Father

Jesus teaches us to talk to God as “Our Father.” Maybe that’s not just a description of God… maybe that’s His Name!

Sometimes we have thought that God’s name was revealed to Moses. “I AM”, said God to Moses when he asked God his name.

We forget that Moses – though he was a great prophet – was still a fallen man and walked in the tradition of his forefathers to whom God revealed himself in post-sin names.

Until Jesus came, we actually have no record of the pre-sin name of God.  We have no record of what Adam called God, or what God wanted Adam to call him. The names by which God is named are given to us in a fallen world.

Only the perfect man, Christ Jesus, would have known God’s name before sin came into the world. And what name does He use to refer to God? Father.

Jesus tells his disciples t to address God not as “God Most High”, “I AM”, or “Lord God”, though God is all of these names. He tells them every time they pray to address God as… Father. And as our Father, He is committed to us no matter what!

 This tells me God’s desire that we see him first and foremost as our father runs deep! Every time we are anxious, every time we hurt, every time we’re confused, every time we’re embarrassed by our own mistakes, God is The Father that is committed to us!

That’s why knowing Him first as ‘Father’ is core to our ongoing healing… All the other names of God are wonderful. But the name of ‘Father’ says “I am committed to you no matter what!”

We never have to fear that God will intimidate us. Because he’s a Good Father, He will always reveal His love even at those times He calls us to tough places of obedience, or times when He shows us where we’re missing the mark.

He’s a Good, Good Father… it’s who He is!